Preschool Programs

Preschool Programs are essential to ensuring that your child has a head start in kindergarten. From social skills to language and literacy development, The Ark preschool programs prepare each child to not only face the challenges of kindergarten but to master them and thrive in a structured classroom setting. 

Early Preschool

Our early Preschool teachers engage each child by using an interactive, emergent curriculum. Gross and fine motor activities abound. Children in the "Green Room" learn the social skills to play cooperatively with others as well as by themselves. The relaxed daily schedule is sensitive to the needs of the older 2 – 3 year old child. Our afternoons are non-­structured times of outdoor and indoor play and exploration.

These children become aware of routines and participation in a group. Craft and painting projects promote fine ­motor development as well as allow children to express themselves creatively. Through dramatic play, role­playing, and dress up, the children demonstrate an understanding of cause and effect, negotiation in social situations, problem ­solving, and how to investigate new situations and environments. Through songs, stories, finger plays, and books, the emerging Preschooler learns how books work and that print carries a message. They also begin to understand that every story has a beginning, middle, and end. Hands-on learning experiences at a variety of learning centers are available throughout the day.


Our Purple Room begins our introduction to a formal Preschool curriculum while carefully balancing it with the benefits of an emergent, interactive curriculum. The children explore, observe, investigate, organize, predict, and problem ­solve. ABCs and 123s are introduced throughout the school year through circle time music and activities. Our teachers enjoy engaging their class in crafts and fun ­filled activities.

Weekly thematic units provide children with specific goals and activities. Basic Preschool skills such as scissor cutting, formation of letters, phonetic awareness, colors, shapes, and the relationship of numbers are explored in our creative, hands­ on learning environment. Our teachers carefully encourage self-choice, creativity, confidence, and a love for learning.

Kindergarten Prep

Our Orange Room follows the A Beka Book Curriculum. With age-appropriate Bible stories which promote Christian values and an interaction between phonics, handwriting practice, observations, investigations, poetry, music, and learning centers. Your Preschool child develops the skills needed for success in Kindergarten. Children learn to pay attention in class, respect authority, and learn why classroom rules are important to them. They also learn to apply themselves to tasks at hand, to work hard, and to do their best. We foster and encourage habits of carefulness, honesty, perseverance, attentiveness, fairness, confidence, responsibility, neatness, and patience in a natural classroom setting. Children spend the Preschool year developing a relationship between letters and sounds. At the end of the year we put letters together to form 3 and 4 letter words. We explore word families and read simple sentence structures. Children realize that numbers represent quantities and that money has a place in commerce and trade. Children explore the natural world around them and use the weather and seasons as a tool to chronicle the passing of a year.

Children develop an understanding of basic health practices such as washing our hands and blowing our nose. Balance between structured and non­structured activities conducive to the developmental needs of the class is continually maintained. Our spacious “Big Room” allows for Group Motor Skill games during poor weather and for nice days, the children are excited to go out to recess in our spacious, well-equipped playground.


Our Annex Room follows a modified A Beka Book Curriculum with a strong focus on sensory and manipulative play. This multi-aged preschool room has a mixture of children aged 3-5. Our Annex preschool room is designed for children who have a more active style of learning and do not excel in a traditional preschool setting. Children learn through songs, movement, and brief moments of structured activities designed to introduce them to a more formal school setting. The Annex Room uses positive reinforcement and provides ample warnings when transitioning from one activity to the next.

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