Child Care Assistant/Float

The child care assistant and float are responsible for assisting the lead and associate teachers in implementing a developmentally appropriate pre-school program.  They are also responsible for the upkeep and cleaning of the entire center.  Duties include supervising a group of children, parent communication, maintenance of the classroom and center. Child care assistant is never to be left alone with children.



  • Demonstrate an understanding and sensitivity of young children’s needs by providing a classroom environment that is conductive to both learning and fun.
  • Provide a safe atmosphere for children to participate in.
  • Actively participate in daily activities.
  • Maintain a balance between enjoying children and adeptly handling classroom management with appropriate discipline techniques.
  • Interact with other staff members in a competent and professional manner.
  • Demonstrate warmth and diplomacy in interactions with parents.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the entire center up to the standards expected by the owner and state licensing.


Insure that the center and the classroom are clean and orderly at all times by putting away craft supplies and disinfecting and vacuuming daily.  Also make sure that room is never cluttered or disorderly.


  • Exercise the valuable qualities of cooperation, collaboration and effective communication that are essential as a team member.
  • Remain open to relevant feedback and critique.
  • Display patience, respect and enthusiasm in working with children.

Standards and Qualifications

  • Experience in early childhood development/education.
  • Valid Infant and Child CPR and First Aid.
  • High School Diploma/GED
  • Flexible hours within 6:30-5:30, Monday through Friday


Benefits include competitive pay, paid holidays, earned days off, paid vacations, as well as employer matched IRA.