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The Ark Times JUNE 2016

Sprinkler Days Begin!! Monday, June 20th. Please bring in a towel and bathing suit (labeled with your child's name) every Monday for your child to use. It will be returned every Friday. If it is too cool out, we will not turn on the sprinkler.


Child Safety

For your child's safety, the bikes cannot be used if your child is wearing flip flops. We do not want any boo boos!!

Sun Protection 

Parents, please remember to bring sunscreen and bug spray in for each child. Sun hats and visors are also a GREAT help in keeping delicate skin safe from burns.

Mark Your Calendars!

The Ark will be closed on Monday, July 3, 2016, for our staff to observe the holiday.

Early Sprouts Planting

We will be planting our seeds in our raised garden beds starting this week! Thank you for the seed donations!!

School Aged Summer Program

School-Agers who will be here for our Summer "Day Camp" program (children K-3rd grade) will be taking walking field trips, periodically, around town to places such as the Park and Library. We will also have fun crafts, water play and an exciting outside program. Ms. Cammy would love to welcome more school agers (K-3rd grade) to complete her group for the summer. Let your friends and family know!