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Ark Times January

Welcome 2016!

Hard to believe 2015 is behind us already. We are looking forward to another good year here at the ark. in 2015 we saw some great things!

  1. We celebrated our 17th birthday!
  2. Enjoyed another awesome preschool graduation!
  3. Our October Cherrydale fundraiser helped us with the purchase of the new slide. Additional upgrades for the toddler playground and addition to the preschool structure are scheduled for next spring.
  4. Our annual Fall Festival was great fun for all.
  5. The staff Annual Christmas Party was held @ Fire Dragon Ceramics in Franklin. Miss Lisa was the big winner of this years door prize.
  6. 2015 brought us more children and we were able to expand our program to add more classroom space.
  7. We are planning some inside improvements for 2016. Stay tuned for more information as we move into the new year.

Let it snow!

We are happy to have had some snow (with more to come) filling our playground. Please make sure your child has all the necessary gear to play outside (hats, boots, mittens, snow pants, winter jackets). Extra clothes and extra socks should also be packed in case they need to change after being in the wet snow. We don't want anyone to miss out on all the fun because they don't have the warm clothing needed. 

Please make sure all items are CLEARLY LABELED with your child's name and that you check labels before taking their things home to be sure you have what belongs to your child.

Slippers are a great option for after outdoor time ;)

Look for your child's progress report soon! Let us know if you would like to schedule a parent/teacher meeting.